Panache International is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of disposable range of plastic, paper, aluminum and bamboo packaging products since 2005 in the United Arab Emirates. Self-driven, we offer exceptional quality products which make us a world-class manufacturer.

Our wide range of products is popular in the local market as well as in the international market under brand names Raha and  Anaasa.


Raha stands for “comfort and relaxation” in Arabic. It is the first brand to offer polypropylene cups in the region. Today, Raha offers a wide range of polypropylene products that are convenient to use, hygienic, non-toxic, microwave safe, recyclable and of food grade material.
Raha product range includes cups, plates, bowls, containers, lids, trays, cling films, aluminum products, paper products, cutlery and many more catering as well as hotel products.


Anaasa is our high-end brand that comes in black, red and ivory colors. In this range we offer heavy duty and classy plates, cups, tumblers, bowls, cutlery and paper napkins.
We have a state-of-the-art technology in molding, printing and packaging with an in-house tool room that accommodates customization as well as quality control to ensure our products are of high standards. Our disposable plastic products and packaging solutions are widely distributed in many industries such as catering, supermarket chains, dairy companies, food factories. Besides this we also supply to wholesalers and retailers of disposable and food packaging products


Panache is the exclusive agent for Mozaik range of disposables introduced by Sabert in Middle East & Africa. Sabert Headquartered in Sayreville, New Jersey. The have operating facilities in New Jersey, California and Kentucky. They have manufacturing facilities in Nivelles, Belgium, and Zhongshan, China. Mozaik is a fashionable heavy duty plastic partyware available in classic and contemporary styles.

Panache strives on excellent customer service. In order to exceed our customer expectations, we are dedicated to implementing and managing our operations as per the Japanese term KAIZEN.

Kaizen stands for quality standard which emphasize on continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, development as well as business management. This enables us how to spot and eliminate waste as well as non value adding processes. Our diverse and flexible approach gives our customers a wide range of high quality products.

Within a short span of time the company has grown remarkably and has more than doubled its production capacity in order to keep up with the high market demand.

The success of Panache is mainly due to our flexible approach to pricing as well as a diverse range of disposable products, packaging and manufacturing operation. We ensure our clients receive cost effective service which is A class with a rapid turnover.

We operate from Dubai International Media Production Zone (IMPZ). We have over 200 employees and marketing offices in London and Kenya. We currently export to over 20 countries in GCC, Africa, Europe and Australia.We pride ourselves in delivering all kinds of plastic manufactured products.

Our entire organization is driven by commitment to excellence and the desire to exceed customer expectations. We assure you 100% satisfaction with our entire product range that will want you to come back to us for more.


Panache International is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of disposable range of plastic, Disposable cups – Disposable paper cups – Disposable clear plastic cups - Disposable coffee cups – Disposable color cups - Disposable Juice cups – Disposable plastic cold cups – Lids - Disposable plastic plates – Disposable form plates – Disposable plastic Bowls – Disposable foam Bowls - Disposable Containers – Foam tray – Meal tray – Plastic tray – Plastic Cutleries – Plastic Straws – Food containers – Microwave containers – Aluminium containers, Aluminium foil, Aluminium platters – Baking cases – Doilies – Baking papers – Pizza box – Hamburger box – Hot dog box – Toothpicks – Paddle picks – Bamboo skewers – Wooden Stirrers – Chopsticks – Fragrances – Napkins – Tissues – Vinyl Gloves – Latex Gloves – Cup carrier – Fries pouch – Popcorn box – Popcorn Buckets – Cling Film – Zipper bags – Sandwich bags – Crystal plates – Plastic spoon – Plastic fork – Plastic knife – cups – plates – containers – bowls – Food Packaging products since 2005 in the United Arab Emirates. Self-driven, we offer exceptional quality products which make us a world-class manufacturer.