Panache International FZ LLC Manufacturer and Trader of disposable items in Dubai. raha is one of our main brand, raha has Disposable paper cups – Disposable clear plastic cups - Disposable coffee cups – Disposable color cups - Disposable Juice cups – Disposable plastic cold cups – Lids - Disposable plastic plates – Disposable form plates – Disposable plastic Bowls – Disposable foam Bowls - Disposable Containers – Foam tray – Meal tray – Plastic tray – Plastic Cutleries – Plastic Straws – Food containers – Microwave containers – Aluminium containers, Aluminium foil, Aluminium platters – Baking cases – Doilies – Baking papers – Pizza box – Hamburger box – Hot dog box – Toothpicks – Paddle picks – Bamboo skewers – Wooden Stirrers – Chopsticks – Fragrances – Napkins – Tissues – Vinyl Gloves – Latex Gloves – Cup carrier – Fries pouch – Popcorn box – Popcorn Buckets – Cling Film – Zipper bags – Sandwich bags – Crystal plates – Plastic spoon – Plastic fork – Plastic knife – cups – plates – containers – and bowls.


Panache International is an integrated manufacturer and leading distributor of disposable range of plastic products, paper products, aluminum products, pulp products and bamboo food packaging products since 2005 in the United Arab Emirates and adopted Japanese KAIZEN manufacturing systems.


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